Verse of the Month: Explained

My overarching belief in terms of Christianity // Society // the World is that we all have a role to play. Some have big roles, some have small roles, but in general, each role just as important as the next. Based on the season we are in, we might think we are building God’s kingdom as fast as we can, or sometimes we feel like we are just struggling along to pick up the next brick // mortar.

No Turning Back // the Voyage

Shallow desires of the heart are frivolous, at best: the more we indulge in them, the more we time-warp our lives. By carelessly following desires set forth by miscellaneous social, cultural, and familial influences, we lose days/weeks/months/years of our lives to a path that has a dead end. These are easy desires to follow in the grand scheme of life- society tells us that that’s what we should be doing. Taking life by the reigns, honing in on what we think we are good at, and exploiting whatever talents we have to the betterment of our lives. To gain that job. That house. That relationship. But then when all that is “achieved,” what next? How do we become fulfilled?

Truth Bombs, as dropped by Mike Erre

I sit through // engage in // grow from sermons every week. They challenge me, encourage me, frighten me, and convict me. However, even though my church is stellar beyond compare (love you, RH), sometimes it takes an outside voice to convict beyond comprehension. To leave you in a daze- that mix between “What did I just hear” and “Brain, don’t you dare lose anything you just heard.” That was my experience with Mike Erre last Thursday night.

Why Forgiveness Matters

Forgiveness has been on my heart’s brain for a while. At least the past month. And I’ve been trying to figure out why. Why forgiveness is consistently on my thoughts, heart, and soul, and what I’m supposed to do about it. The more it’s become the forefront of my thoughts, the more I’ve realized that forgiveness is the oil that keeps the gears of this world moving. Without forgiveness, there would be no reconciliations, no movement forward, and most importantly, no capacity to love.