Living free and light- Matthew 11:28-30

Freely + Lightly

I don’t know about you, but before my feet have even touched the floor on a new day, I’ve already disqualified myself from deserving it. I wake up to immediate disappointment- a thought comes rushing in of a mistake made yesterday, or something at work not going right, or an issue with a friend that I haven’t taken steps to resolve yet.

Passion // Potential // Pursuit

In college, I had an existential crisis. It’s easy to say now, but it really rocked me for a few months. I had chosen what I knew was a safe career path, and I knew I would be making great money. Fall semester of my senior (fourth) year, I was sitting in my Tuesday 2PM class and was struck by the thought, “You’ll never be happy doing this the rest of your life.”

Verse of the Month: Explained

My overarching belief in terms of Christianity // Society // the World is that we all have a role to play. Some have big roles, some have small roles, but in general, each role just as important as the next. Based on the season we are in, we might think we are building God’s kingdom as fast as we can, or sometimes we feel like we are just struggling along to pick up the next brick // mortar.