It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting on the eve of my Apprenticeship at The Way beginning. Full of nerves, unsettlement, doubts, and excitement. Who would I meet? What would I learn? How would I get along with the other Apprentices? Would I know enough? Would God meet me there, and move in a way I’d never experienced? Luckily for me, He met me exactly where I was, and then some.

MONTH ONE: Silence + Solitude

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you more than likely have an immediate gut reaction (either positive or negative) to the words, “Silence and solitude.” For all of us introverts, that sounds like a breath of life in a world where alone time is far more filling than crowded get-together’s. For extroverts, that might be your worst nightmare.

Truth Bombs, as dropped by Mike Erre

I sit through // engage in // grow from sermons every week. They challenge me, encourage me, frighten me, and convict me. However, even though my church is stellar beyond compare (love you, RH), sometimes it takes an outside voice to convict beyond comprehension. To leave you in a daze- that mix between “What did I just hear” and “Brain, don’t you dare lose anything you just heard.” That was my experience with Mike Erre last Thursday night.