rhyme // the traveler

the river flows where no one knows,
except the river’s maker.
a traveler walks along its shores,
convinced to go wherever it will take her.

through lush green sprouting up, she takes a stroll,
blissfully unaware of the way the world can take its toll.
she’s surrounded by life, what else is there to know?
she has space here to dream, she has room here to grow.

but after a twist and an unexpected turn, she’s left
off the path of the river- the direction she had, bereft.
she loses sight of the destination
because she’s caught up in the world’s creation.

she finds herself caught up in things meant to distract
she finds herself walking up to things that emptily attract.
she knows the difference between this path and the river –
this path doesn’t have the life that the river promises to deliver.

+ so in a moment, it became clear
that when she was along the river, she had nothing to fear.
life was abundant, her path perfectly planned
and life had a meaning, and in that, she felt grand.

it was a hard journey, but she made her way back to the water
+ she looked back on her past and held close what that had taught her.
she now knew the difference between what it means to live and to just exist,
and she knew the life she was meant to live was where she truly fit.

so the traveler keeps on walking, in confidence of the river’s maker,
convinced to go wherever the flowing stream will take her.
because out of its water, comes life and life in full,
and in its reflection, she could see the rest of her life – and it was beautiful. 

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