poem // new song

There’s a disconnect between who I am,
and who you’ve made me to be.
I try to pay for my freedom –
but your sacrifice has already made me free.

I’m free to run with great passion,
and to walk in greater grace.
but instead, I try to show my worth,
I strive to earn my place.

it’s exhausting to fight for what’s already been won
by an act of great love – the sacrifice of a Son.
UNDONE, I am –
when I look at where I’ve been –
and how I’m recklessly loved, in spite of my sin.

“Give in,” the world says,
to the lie that you are the exception.
“He couldn’t possibly love you,
there’s no grace for you and your deception.”

And the lies build and build,
until you’re a ball of anxiety,
you just can’t keep still – – –

UNTIL, sweet sweet grace collides with doubt + fear,
and a new song is sung that invades your ears —

My dear- 

I’ll keep this simple, like I always do.

I was given a choice, and it’s you I’ll always choose.

Yes, you – 

with your mile a minute brain and your hard working hands – it’s you that will help my kingdom to stand.

I see you for who you’ve been, who you are, and who you will be – and it’s in me you’ll find what you are looking for – the space to be free. 

My dear, I’ve seen that which you hang your head for-

but I love you in spite of that,

I’ve made you for more.

Author: Samantha

kingdom-builder | isfj | writer | reader

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