Song List – January 2018

I find that I often gravitate towards specific songs in specific times of my life- I have the habit of playing the same songs over and over again if they tug on a specific heart string. I know it when I first hear it- it penetrates into my soul and doesn’t let go until I’ve really heard it, and been engulfed by it. A few months ago I started making playlists based on the month. It seems like a month gives me time to cycle through it and allow it to settle. Sometimes songs make it from month to month, but for most it seems like the month-long span is perfect. Here’s January 2018’s song list:

Pieces – Amanda Cook****

Life is a Gift – Housefires*

Build My Life – Housefires*****

On and On – Housefires**

Reckless Love – Cory Asbury*****

Defender – Rita Springer****

The Way (New Horizon) – Housefires**

You’re Gonna Be Ok – Jenn Johnson*

Into the Deep – Citipointe Live***

On the Shores – Johnathan David and Melissa Helser***

Open Up Let the Light In – Steffany Gretzinger**

Home (Live) – Bethel Music and Hunter G. K. Thompson*****

Only Jesus – Brian Johnson****

Gravity – Jenn Johnson***

I Won’t Forget – Brian Johnson*

The * aren’t grades- mores indicative of how many times I played it.

What songs stick out to you? Or better yet, any recommendations?

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