The Reason to Fight

The biggest barrier to living into a full relationship with God isn’t understanding Him, it’s understanding ourselves. Why? Because we change our minds like the winds change direction / we fall apart at the slightest indication of a rumble. But God does not change – His character is constant, and His promises are true. That doesn’t mean He can’t surprise us- oh no, He can do so whenever His will sees fit. But those surprises are always for our good, even when we can’t see it, even when we can’t fathom how. And that never changes. So it’s in understanding ourselves and how we interact and live and breathe that will inform and give way to a full relationship with the Father. An all-encompassing relationship. Fully loved, deeply known.

He’s the reason I can walk into a crowded room knowing no one but feeling known.
He’s the reason I can step out in faith, without fear of the fall.
He’s the reason I can breathe a full breath without holding anything back.
He’s the reason the future doesn’t scare me – because I live in a peaceful present.
He’s the reason that life is perfect even when it’s not.

He’s the reason I can love well, because I am well loved. 

He’s the reason.

And He’s the reason I choose to live in my belovedness instead of being bound by society.

I’m done disbelieving His belief in me- His belief that I am a Kingdom builder + a faithful soldier + a good servant + worthy…. even if I was NONE of those things.

My dear fellow beloved- You must fight to expand past what binds you, every day, or else what binds will be what drowns you.

Don’t drown yourself in a feeling society dictates you should feel – expand into the vastness of an eternity that’s promised to you, by the promise keeper.

The world needs you – the world needs an Army of Beloved’s, living into the promise of an identity firmly rooted in God.

Fight the fight. Expand into the Expanse. Love all the beloved’s, even if they don’t see it yet.

partner with Jesus >> be the vessel

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