The Cure for Emptiness… Might be to Feel Empty?

I used to think that emptiness was something that needed to be combated against every second of the day. Feeling empty? Shoot someone a text. Feeling empty? Go out with friends. Feeling empty? Flip on the TV and fit into that narrative.

Emptiness feels scary, unless you have dealt with it before. Or, at least, know where to turn when you feel it. What if, rather than combating it, you dug straight into it? Barricaded your feet within it, and allowed it to wash over you? So scary, but might be so worth it.

Emptiness, in my current life, has been filling me more than ever before. In intentionally engaging in Silence + Solitude like I have been, you allow yourself to be empty to invite God to fill you up. Even in 20 minutes, clarity can be provided that would have been missed in a head full of to-do lists, memories, running conversations, and misplaced priorities.

“While the experience of being empty is painful, emptiness is a prerequisite to being filled. As it turns out, the presence of God is poured out most generously when there is space in our souls to receive Him. In the vast emptiness of the human soul, there is room for God.”

– Ruth Haley Barton

So rather as seeing my emptiness as a weakness, I choose to see it as a strengthening posture- a posture of open-handed surrender, a posture that allows God to fill up the part of my soul that are desperate for it, with what he calls me for. Not what society assigns me. It’s scary to get lost within it, but luckily, we have the ultimate Navigator. Who knows every twist, every turn, and can provide me guidance without uttering a word… someone to just sit in the Presence of and to be filled. What a beautiful invitation.

I think He’s been showing me recently that there are some things that cause our emptiness that can’t be fully understood until we face them in silence. And, while scary to face, we have the victory already won. So, rather than shy away, I’m diving in, and allowing myself to be guided to where He wants and needs me to face rather than turning away.

“Once we get a little rest, we start to get our perspective back. Rather than reacting to everything around us, we start to have a sense of what is truly called for in our life.”

– Ruth Haley Barton

I encourage you, in this week, to open yourselves up to emptiness with the expectation that God can fill it. It’s amazing what can happen when we find our rest and fullness within Him- how much it can change perspectives and slow down life to see so clearly.

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