First Thoughts: Spiritual Disciplines + The Way

I’m embarking on an eight-month journey through the Spiritual Disciplines, as outlined by the life of Jesus- diving into each one and examining where it lands in Scripture, my life, and modern-day society. I’m going along on this journey with experts in the field and a whole host of hungry people who serve in modern-day Orange County churches, in an effort to integrate these disciplines into our daily lives and to truly practice the way of Jesus.

The Study of Practicing the Way of Jesus comes out of Bridgetown Church up in Portland, OR (link below). It’s an amazing church that is opening up the question of what it looks like to practice the Way of Jesus in the modern age of society. The Way Gathering’s in Orange County, California blossomed out of those teachings, and are the vessel in which I am embarking on my apprenticeship with Jesus.

I’m excited, hungry, but also terrified. Terrified to be pushed out of my comfort zone, terrified to have my core society-influenced rhythms tested, terrified to be proved wrong. I’m a person who is consistently going-going-going, and routinely fill my day with work, friends, church, and community. These things aren’t bad individually, but if your busyness is affecting your soul, that’s where a heart-and-head check might be needed. That’s where I found myself on the eve of beginning this journey, so I’m taking a breath, and meeting God where I’m at. I know I won’t get every discipline right, but I recently heard the most comforting quote:

The most spiritual person isn’t the one who does the most disciplines, it’s the one who has been disciplined by them. – Todd Hunter

Again- excited, hungry, terrified. And will be documenting every step here on BTV. Why? Because this journey isn’t one that only I need to take- it’s a journey, I’d argue, that every Christ-follower should embark on. If anything, to figure out what works for you, what doesn’t, and where God meets you in the good, bad and the ugly.

If you happen to be in Orange County and want to walk through some of these disciplines, join us every first-Thursday of the month at Vanguard University of Southern California at 7PM. For more information, see below.

For more information on The Way Gatherings, CLICK HERE.
For more information on The Way Apprentice Track, CLICK HERE.
For more information on Practicing the Way of Jesus, CLICK HERE.

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